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We always talk about the downside of [fandom] because that’s the more colourful thing to talk about. There are many more fans out there whose response to wishing for creative control is to make up their own stories. And to make up their own ideas, and to make beautiful drawings, and scripts of their own. There is the slash fiction - and why not? What’s wrong with porn? It’s made many people in this room happy; it’s a vessel of human happiness, why should we object to it? It’s a creative response to something! That’s brilliant and wonderful and heartening and exciting when that happens. Because that’s how people start being writers. It is. You start being a writer by imitating other writers. Mark and I never stopped!…That is a hugely positive thing and yes, of course, somewhere in amongst that there is the clinically insane, but we can’t allow that to dominate the conversation.

Steven Moffat on fans and fanfiction at Sherlock: Anatomy of a Hit [x] (via thecutteralicia)

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If ever there were a surly band in need of a good photobombing it is U2, and fortunately Benedict Cumberbatch was on the Oscars red carpet to oblige last night.

The band lined up for photographers outside the Dolby Theater in Los Angeles, only for the Sherlock actor to pop up like the otter that he is behind them, hands raised aloft.

Christopher Hooton for The Independent. [x]

…Like the otter that he is

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Benedict Timothy Carlton Cumberbatch, I hope you know there are literally thousands of people out here that are legit PROUD AS SHIT OF YOU. NOT because we want to sleep with you, or are crazy fanatics, but because we just are blown away by what a wonderful human being you are, and we are literally proud of everything you do, because you deserve every moment of this.



Go get ‘em, baby. 


that is the straight goddamn truth

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